Hurricane Preparedness For Your Business

This year’s hurricane season is far from over. There may be little you can do to stop a hurricane from barreling down on your home town but there is a lot you can do to not only protect your business but to capitalize on the situation as well.

You will find many resources on preparing your home and protecting your brick and mortar office from damage as well as filing insurance claims after the fact, but what about really protecting your income and business continuity?

You can rebuild homes and repair your office if you have money coming in but if your business isn’t set up right you could see your income cut off overnight and months of marketing wasted. Can your business survive this? Even if it could, what will be left? It will be a long upward struggle to come back after that.

Isn’t it wiser to just be prepared and perhaps even be able to turn a hurricane in to an incredible opportunity to advance your business? Start by ensuring that your business can stay connected and operating no matter what disaster strikes you. This means toll free numbers and Internet phone services which can easily be re-routed and forwarded so that your staff can stay connected remotely and keep the wheels moving. Similarly you need to ensure that files and crucial data is available via the Internet cloud so that you don’t lose any work or deals in progress.

Once you have secured your business continuity, take the lead. What unique marketing opportunities can your organization capitalize on as a hurricane approaches? What about in the aftermath of a hurricane? How can you help your community and promote your business at the same time? Think branded hurricane supplies, bringing in essential food and water and helping to provide connectivity for those trying to connect with loved ones and family members in the chaos. Host community BBQs, raise donations and take the time to get in some serious face to face networking opportunities.

While you should help others just because they need it, don’t overlook the chance to get free press, shout that you are still in business and scoop up your competition’s leads and customers as they go un-served. Even though they may be disguised as impossible situations, hurricanes can mean incredible opportunities for your business. You just need a little creativity to see them and to still be operating so that you can execute your strategies.